Don’t be afraid to fight for your self


Anas Abukar, Guest Writer, ninth grader

Dear Student Body,

Due to the recent election results, I know how you all must feel. Most of you are baffled by how our country can even consider such an idiotic bigot for president. Some of you must be scared by the fact that your new president might change your lives for the worse. But I have one piece of advice. You can’t get by in life by doing nothing but following the rules. They aren’t made for people like you and me after all. They are made for the guys who make them. These “rules” were designed to keep you ignorant and powerless and they are going to hound you for the rest of your lives. So if you have something that is bothering you or you want to get off you back then fight for it.

Also don’t be afraid to fight for yourself. I say live by your own rules!. Sharpen the weapon of your heart. Make reality bow down to your will. I know that life seems hard and that what happened must be some stupid joke but that is what the majority of the white folks in this country believe. But we as a nation have the power to stand up to this and fight for what we believe in. I believe if we can do that the future will change for the better. A fellow student named Will Scofield said in an Article he wrote directed to Mr trump: “we all hope you’ll act more presidential, because the world is watching. And you’ll be hearing from us every step of the way.” Lets all hope Donald Trump becomes a better man than he was in this year’s election.