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Lo Norvell

Lo Norvell, Staff Writer

Lola Norvell is a sophomore entering her first year in newspaper. She joined the newspaper to get better at writing and to accustom herself to the style of journalist writing. She enjoys practicing martial arts outside of school, as well as playing ultimate frisbee with the South Ultimate team. She works at Bachman's plant store multiple days a week and while keeping a busy schedule, she can also be found reading, camping, hiking, and spending time with her cat, Peaches. Lola is passionate about the environment and human rights and hopes to see changes in the issues she cares about. She hopes to see the newspaper get more traction within the South community and hopes to delve into activism topics she cares about, such as the environment, equality in the South, and mental health awareness. She remarks “ok, writing cool, I guess” in reference to newspaper

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