Churro-day sweetens Spanish class students’ day

December 15, 2016

South High seniors Grace Larson, and Lauren Van Doren enjoy their tasty churros by dipping them in “Mexican Hot chocolate” provided by their teacher Profe Luz Arias. Photo: Izzy Willette

The Thursday before winter break starts marks a special day in South’s Spanish department: Churro day! These traditionally Spanish and Latin American fried strips of dough, fresh from Lake Street’s local panaderia — or bakery — were sold to the excited students taking Spanish classes.

Hungry students could buy an unlimited amount of churros for a dollar each. Senior Grace Larson reasoned her decision to buy four: “They’re really good…I don’t know why, but they’re just really good.” Freshman Sophie Hansen described her churro as: “Crunchy and soft inside, and covered in sugar. It’s a very good treat.”

Many students in the earlier Spanish hours were able to enjoy a warm churro during their class. “My churro was still pretty warm too,” explained senior Bonna Dabala. But not all students were as lucky as Dabala. Spanish and Latin teacher Teresa Roguski explained: “Churros are one of those things like donuts: if they’re not actually fresh they start to go downhill. You gotta have them fresh.”

On the corner of Lake Street and 21st avenue is a Mexican market called La Alborada. There, students during lunch often go to get their vanilla, caramel or chocolate churros for only a buck. The desserts, initially created in Spain, are often eaten at churrerías, small street stands that sell make and sell churros, and at carnivals across Latin America.

Some students were quickly able to solve this problem by either dipping their churros in hot chocolate, or using a school’s microwave to their advantage. No matter the temperature, all students were happy to have a day dedicated to munching down on their sugar coated treats.

Hansen was happy to have the day, saying that it: “Offers a nice break for a lot of students and it’s just a day to relax, and enjoy fun Spanish culture.”

Junior Caroline Harman was also happy for their churro, adding that: “we got to watch Finding Dory in Spanish so that was fun too.”

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