A Look Ahead in Theater and Music

A Preview of The Year

Frances Matejcek, Arts and Entertainment


The music program has a couple of new happenings on its calendar this year. For one, instead of the traditional band trip to compete, the upper levels of the music program are heading to New Orleans. Scott Carter, the director of the band program, characterized it as a showcase, and Izzy Carlson, a violinist, added that “we will play and get feedback.”

In addition, the varsity choir is partnering with the Cantus High School Residency Program, a local vocal ensemble, and will be participating in vocal workshops with them.

The music program will perform three major concerts throughout the year, the first will be the week of November 11th. They are also adding a Tour Benefit concert this year, to raise money for their trip to New Orleans. “[Music students] will do things that they’ve been working on on their own” described Carter.


South High Theater will be putting up six plays throughout the year. The first, a family drama in the South, focuses on the relationships between three sisters, which will open at the end of October. Following this will be a festival of two senior directed plays and finishing up the season there will be a guest directed play, directed by Minneapolis artist Jon Ferguson.

“The Guest director is actually going to be creating the play with students” explained senior Genna Nordorvsky, who has been involved in theater since her freshman year. Ferguson does not have a set play yet, and will be focusing on creating an innovative piece.

The Musical, South High Theater’s largest production for the year, will be Hairspray. With the spring will come the one acts and another senior directed play, ‘Harvey’.

The theater program faces a large turnover from last year, and is focusing on training new student leaders. They are also welcoming a new technical director, Dave Harty.