The Southerner

Caleb Stipkovits
This is Caleb's third year on the newspaper, and this year he is taking on the role of managing editor. He enjoys working with the people on The Southerner and is passionate about writing and journalism. He is considering pursuing journalism after high school. 

Outside of newspaper he enjoys playing basketball, writing poetry, and having conversations with people about really anything. This year Caleb is learning Chinese, and is enjoying watching Chinese TV and movies when he has the chance. Caleb is part of Asian Student Association (ASA). He joined ASA as a chance to reconnect with his Asian heritage, and it is a big part of his identity. Caleb says his favorite memory is living in Taiwan for a year. That experience shaped him, and encouraged him to center his experiences from outside of the United States. He hopes to bring diversity to the Newspaper, and represent his culture as a part of that. 


Caleb Stipkovits, Managing Editor

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