The Southerner

Graham Doyle
Graham Doyle is a sophomore at South highschool. Starting his first year of newspaper, he hopes to highlight stories centered around politics and activism. Doyle is an active member of the South community participating in activities like ultimate and varsity choir. Outside of school, Doyle spends his time involved in activism and social justice, specifically the climate change movement that has gained momentum over the last few years. Doyle makes a point to bike to school every day to emphasize his commitment to maintaining a reduced carbon footprint.  Although Doyle is only half way through his high school journey he is already thinking about his post secondary future. Doyle hopes to pursue a future career in law or possibly political science, with the hope to remain a politically active individual utilizing his education to make the world a better place. Doyle is currently pursuing a position as a bike mechanic at local bike shops like the Hub as a stepping stone for work experience in high school, hoping to follow in his brothers footsteps as a mechanic at the Alt. Doyles initiative and tenacity for justice oriented work makes him the ideal candidate to report on South's most important events and issues.

Graham Doyle, Staff Writer

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