The Southerner

Drew Hemer, Staff Writer

            There are many different faces here at South. Drew Hemer is another one of the many unique sophomores attending South High. At 15, Hemer has already discovered his passion for things such as design, photography and film. Hemer hopes by joining the Southerner, he can better himself in all three of those categories, including his writing skills.

Hemer was also quick to tell me about the joy the show 'Parks & Rec' brought him. He mentioned that if he could trade places with one person for a day it would be Nick Offerman who plays a funny woodworker in the show.

Hemer loves to be outside. He spent lots of his summer biking. He also loves to camp.

Hemer also is very interested in getting his pilot’s license. He has always had an interest in planes, but his interest began when he took a class a few years back learning the ins and out of being a pilot. His dream would be to one day own a private jet business.

Hemer also has very strong views about skim milk, “Skim milk is just water pretending to be milk. Skim milk should die,” he exclaimed. On the other hand, Drew loves himself some good ol’ meat.

All content by Drew Hemer
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