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Zoe Chinander-McFaul
Whether she’s out exploring Powderhorn park hunting for trash to turn into trinkets and art, playing smooth jazz on her trumpet or enjoying some sweet potato pound cake at the Mayday Cafe, junior Zoe Chinander-McFaul is always discovering something new. Her interest in writing pushed her to join the Southerner, and she’s excited to be a first-year member of the newspaper. She first got interested when she saw the printed paper, the idea of published writing something and putting it out in the world exciting her. She first got interested in newspaper when she saw the printed paper distributed. She liked the tangibility of something publicized and out in the world. Being a rather shy person, Chinander-McFaul likes the opportunity to meet and talk to people through interviews. Outside of school, Chinander-McFaul is passionate about music. While she’s not sure what she wants to do after high school, the idea of just playing music with friends and having a small job to get by is exciting for her. She plays trumpet, mostly jazz, her go-to jazz being anything by Miles Davis. Artistic and creative, the Southerner is sure to benefit from Chinander-McFaul’s uniqueness.

Zoe Chinander-McFaul, Staff Writer

Oct 10, 2017
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