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Spencer Kimball
It may be Spencer Kimball’s first year on the Southerner staff, but he's already using this time on the paper towards his advantage. This downtown Minneapolis native may be 16 years old, but has the logical mindset of a 40 year old planning for retirement. Most Juniors in high school are scrambling just to figure out their next english essay let alone their plans for life after high school, but luckily for Kimball he’s got it all figured it out. A sporty tech-savvy-guy he plans to major in sports communication with maybe a minor in Journalism.

Thanks to his excitingly friendly disposition it seems more than likely that a broadcast role, perhaps on ESPN, maybe be in his future. Kimball is no stranger to the world of competitive sports, having competed for South’s varsity wrestling team the past two years, but he likes to give back to his community too. He has coached Sibley Baseball, and Longfellow wrestling which proves as a great source of recruitment for the South wrestling team.

You can tell from the twinkle in his eyes when he talks about creating the team's website, or some of his wrestling heroes like Dan Gable or Anthony Robles, that he has an unbridled love for the sport--even if he hasn’t gotten a chance to watch the televison show GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) on Netflix yet. Though Kimball is a wrestler it does not mean he’s restless. He appreciates the weekends, and with all the hard work he’s bound to put in this year both on the wrestling team and in the southerner newspaper, there’s no doubt he deserves it.


Spencer Kimball, Staff Writer

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