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Oliver Hall
As he starts his third year on the Southerner, junior Oliver Hall is ready to bring his experience as staff writer to the newer student journalists joining the Southerner this year.  Outside of newspaper itself he spends most of his time writing for other purposes. During his freshman year Oliver discovered that he had a talent and strong interest in specifically writing scripts and other performance based works including the potential for a possible career in the field. Oliver has written a total of 2 one act plays for South one of which was performed by the South theater company.  Due to budget cuts South theater had to cut the one act performances from the schedule this year, Hall having spent 2 years invested in said the program has taken it upon himself to revitalize the program mentioning that it could be performed in a local coffee shop or other venues. Beyond writing he also spends time learning and practicing martial arts outside of school, specifically: taekwondo and capoeira, an exciting increasingly popular brazilian form that combines elements of Dance, Fighting, and Acrobatics.  This year Hall is focused and ready to continue writing for the Southerner as well as to continue fighting for the return of the one acts.

Oliver Hall, Staff Writer

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