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Noura Abukhadra, a junior, has been going to South since freshman year. A self-proclaimed intersectional feminist, she strongly believes that it is important for feminists to not only talk about sexism, but to talk about other oppressions that might affect marginalised groups, such as racism or ableism.

She also describes herself as a perfectionist, and an insectophobe who “once spent four hours during summer chasing a fly,” she said.

Abukhadra first applied for the Southerner after her friend Evie Murphy-Wilson became managing editor. Her sister Lamia had also volunteered for the newspaper while at South. This year, Noura decided she wanted to join as well. She says she wants to practice “bettering my writing; more specifically, being able to draw people in.”

Abukhadra is planning on joining Gender Equity Collective this year once it starts. She is already a part of Stand Up Speak Out South High (SUSOSH), where she and other classmates go into classrooms to have “productive conversations about racism, especially at South,” she said.

Outside of school, Abukhadra very much enjoys cooking, especially what she calls “traditionally Middle Eastern food”. She used her cooking to start a catering business within her apartment building. She had to cease operations because of her schoolwork, but people still often ask her to make exceptions for them. “I’m thinking about maybe starting up again,” Abukhadra added.

Abukhadra is also re-learning Arabic, which was her first language, from her mother at home. She is looking forward to taking more Arabic classes in college, and reclaiming her culture.

After high school, Abukhadra would like to become a scientist, particularly a chemist. “My grandma was the first doctor in her village in Syria. She has always inspired me,”she said. She has also taken an interest in cooking school, as well as studying abroad.

She looks forward to writing for the Southerner this year!


Noura Abukhadra, Staff Writer

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