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Madeline Mahoney
She is who she wants to be. She has never felt the need to move herself beyond who she is naturally. For Madeline Mahoney, she feels nothing but grief when people have to change who they are to fit in. Madeline doesn’t quit: “When you try something new and don’t give up you’re bound to get better at it” she said, smiling. When she started dancing, she was nervous, confused, and far from the top. But Madeline had already set her mind to being a dancer, and giving up wasn’t an option. The determined Madeline, in her sophomore year chose to try something new, and do newspaper. She chose it to develop her writing skill, and for the enjoyment of creatively writing. She chose South because of it’s location and it’s performing arts programs. As an experienced dancer, this was at the height of her high school priorities. When Madeline grows up, she wants to take advantage of all the opportunities she feels she has been graced with, by going to medical school and becoming a physician; like her mother and father. This appeals to her due to the significant knowledge she has picked up from her parents having jobs in that field of work. But for right now, she just wants to take things one at a time. “I’m just excited to graduate and be done.” Madeline will be a welcomed addition to the Southerner.

Madeline Mahoney, Staff Writer

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