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Luca Raffo-Simoes
Convinced to join newpaper by former classmates, freshman Luca Raffo-Simoes already looked as though she belonged in the newsroom as she animatedly described the differences between her former school, Southside Family Charter, and her current, South High.


The biggest contrast between the two schools is the size, she explained.  Raffo-Simoes emphasizes that the switch from one hallway to navigate her classes, to three separate floors has been her biggest challenge as a freshman so far.


But some things haven’t changed for Raffo-Simoes, who has recently joined a swim team after quitting in 7th grade. Encouraged by the long line of swimmers in her family, some who have won medals, Raffo-Simoes decided to join the South High swim team.


“ A lot of my family have been swimmers, my uncle was really good swimmer,” commented Raffo-Simmoes. However, unlike some of her family members, she doesn’t view swimming with the same competitive attitude“ I don’t think [I will be going for medals],” she joked.


Raffo-Simoes’ family aren’t the only ones she who set examples for her, the 14 year old swimmer also looks up to Beyoncé, citing her as simply amazing. “[If I could have dinner with anyone in the world, it would be] Beyoncé, Michelle Obama,  Sojourner Truth, and then  someone really horrible, just to try to understand,” she laughed.


Although Raffo-Simoes hasn’t wrote much in the past, she hopes that working on the Southerner staff this year will allow her to produce some good articles, covering interesting topics while improving her writing abilities.


Raffo-Simoes writing passions include immigration issues, detailing that because of her family, she has a soft spot for stories related to immigration hardships . Whether it is writing about her passions, or follow her role models’ footsteps to greatness, amazing things are to be expected of Raffo-Simoes during her first year on the Southerner.

Luca Raffo-Simoes, Staff Writer

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