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Kinsley Wilcox-McBride
Wearing her signature infinity necklace, freshmen Kinsley Wilcox-McBride is excited for her first year of newspaper. As a writing enthusiast, Wilcox-McBride is looking forward to learning a new style of writing to add to her extensive repertoire of writing experience. Wilcox-McBride hopes newspaper will increase her involvement with the South community and help her to meet new people around the school.

As a freshmen, Wilcox-McBride looks forward to finding a club to join at South. She hopes to make connections with more areas of the school.

As an avid guitar and ukulele player Wilcox-McBride enjoyed her summer going to various music events including Ed Sheeran. She loves The Perks of Being a Wallflower, All the Bright Places, and all of John Green’s books, especially Looking for Alaska. Contrary to the majority of the United States,  Wilcox-McBride is a vegetarian and has never eaten meat in her entire life and is now experimenting with veganism. At home, Wilcox-McBride has a baby sister, a pet dog, cat, and a fish tank. 

Kinsley Wilcox-McBride, Staff Writer

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