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Coming straight from the hallways of Marcy Open school freshman Katherine Lundquist has begun her promising career as a Staff Writer for the Southerner. Although Lundquist is new to the Southerner staff, it looks like she has a future here as it's already her favorite class. It appeals to Lundquist because “you have a lot of freedom in what you do”. However, it’s not all perfect.  “I was a little bit nervous because I’ve never actually written something that would get published”, she explained. Writing was part of Lundquists life even before the Southerner. “I've always really liked writing”, Lundquist said. “I like getting my thoughts down because I have a really bad memory”. On an average day you might find Lundquist baking homemade delicacies at her house or taking care of her three chickens, Daisy, Lizzy, and Snow. Her family used to also own a rooster who was mistaken for a hen. Originally named Lu-Lu, the name was adjusted to Lou. Unfortunately, due to it being illegal to own a rooster in Minneapolis, Lou had to find a new home. The future, like Lundquist’s eyes, looks bright with the possibility of being a track star in the spring. Look forward to seeing Lundquist’s articles online and in the next edition of the Southerner.  

Katherine Lundquist, Staff Writer

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