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James Warren
Freshman James Warren is about to embark on his first year as a writer on the Southerner Staff!  As the photographer of his family, James is excited to continue to expand his knowledge on photography while building a stronger ability for writing. Though James has practiced photography in a variety of settings, first for his family, then as the photographer for the Biz Town newspaper, and now for the Southerner, photography is only one of his many interests.  The freshman has played basketball for his middle school, Anderson, and is looking forward to trying out for the Tigers this year. James spends a lot of time taking care of his younger brother, who's "a pain but I love him," he said, and helping his mom. The family time inspires the poetry and drawings he creates.  James is most looking forward to meeting new people and learning about new things that he could get better at; such as writing and doing graphic design for the Southerner.  

James Warren, Staff Writer

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