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Henry Holcomb
Henry Holcomb is a junior at South High currently entering his first full year on The Southerner. He worked as a staff writer on the paper second semester last year and is excited to be entering his new position as Sports Editor this school year.

Holcomb originally joined The Southerner because he has always enjoyed using writing as a creative outlet, but felt that this interest was not being supported in core classes to the extent that he had hoped. After hearing about what an enjoyable experience others had working on the newspaper, he decided that it would be a good way here at South to push those creative interests!

Seeing and experiencing elements of South High he otherwise would not have been exposed to has been an exciting aspect of the paper for Holcomb. This year, he is happy to be taking up his new role of Sports Editor! With the change from staff writer to editor on the paper, Holcomb hopes to get a new insight into writing through an editor's eyes, and is eager for this to advance his personal writing abilities.

When he isn’t doing work for The Southerner, Holcomb enjoys running track, cross country, and partaking in a YMCA youth leadership group in which he is a volunteer coordinator. On top of that, Holcomb enjoys spending time listening to and collecting classic rock in the form of vinyl.

Henry Holcomb, Sports Editor

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