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Cece Kaufmann
Cece Kaufmann is enjoying her first year at the Southerner and is someone who's always prepared to jump over any hurdles that get in her way. This sophomore is a multi-talented artist and athlete who understands how to be a team player. Her fun and creative spirit coupled with hard-working attitude makes her a welcome addition to our staff.

Kaufmann’s excited the be a member of the Southerner because of the freedom that she’ll have while writing her stories and the community of writers that she knows here. She has always had a passion for writing and is excited to see the ways that writing for the Southerner can help her improve.

In addition to being a Southerner writer Kaufmann is also a member of the cross country team and choir. She loves music and in addition to singing she can play the guitar and flute. In her free time Kaufmann also writes poetry. She sometimes tries to combine these two talents to writes songs of her own.

Cece Kaufmann, Staff Writer

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