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2017-2018 Staff

James Warren

Staff Writer

If you read the Southerner you’ve most likely seen James Warren’s name. Now adding his second year of newspaper to his high school career, Warren, started out as a unseasoned freshman when he joined. In the...

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Mia Swanson

Staff Writer

If you want to find staffer Mia Swanson she can be seen walking down the hall with a large fitting shirt and her signature converse on. Swanson keeps up and with the times by sporting some newly dyed hai...

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Izzy Willette

Features Editor

Izzy Willette is gearing up for her second year in newspaper and her first as feature editor. During the second semester of her junior year she was promoted to sports editor. She wanted to be the features e...

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Gabe Chang-Deutsch

Staff Writer

It is Gabe Chang-Deutsch’s freshman year at South High. Not only that, but it is also his very first year as a staff writer on South High’s student run newspaper, the Southerner. He wants to meet ne...

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Katherine Lundquist

Staff Writer

For her second year as a member of the Southerner staff, sophomore Katherine Lundquist has no other goal in mind but improvement and redemption. She doesn’t believe she accomplished much last year, so...

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Sophia Manolis

Opinions Editor

She has been at South for three years, and she is excited to be in newspaper because it helps her become more connected to south community and she like to interview people and writing about there thing passion...

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Lil Crawford

Arts and Entertainment Editor

She is a brand new junior but a returning student, Lil Crawford was a member of the South high southerner last school year and inspired a few members to write better than they had expected themselves to...

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Madeline Mahoney

Managing Editor

Madeline Mahoney is doing her job as the Managing editor to make sure the Southerner stays organized and doesn’t fall apart: she takes notes at meetings between editors and helps the editor in chief w...

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Spencer Kimball

Staff Writer

It may be Spencer Kimball’s first year on the Southerner staff, but he's already using this time on the paper towards his advantage. This downtown Minneapolis native may be 16 years old, but has the lo...

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Tannen Holt

Staff Writer

As his second year as a staff writer, sophomore Tannen Holt plans to redeem himself. He plans to gain understanding about the way people think, why think stuff and what they think about. Holt just wan...

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Henry Holcomb

Sports Editor

Henry Holcomb is a junior at South High currently entering his first full year on The Southerner. He worked as a staff writer on the paper second semester last year and is excited to be entering his n...

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Shuoeib Ahmed

Staff Writer

Sophomore Shuoeib Ahmed wasn’t really sure what to expect when joining newspaper, but when reading up on it he thought it sounded like an interesting class. He is looking forward to conducting interview...

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Oliver Hall

Staff Writer

This is Oliver Hall’s second year as a staff writer for The Southerner. Hall loves writing both for the newspaper and his own pieces. The sophomore’s favorite type of story to write is news, because...

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Livia Lund

Editor In Chief

Livia Lund is in her 3rd year on the Southerner staff as Editor in Chief. Beginning as a Staff Writer her sophomore year, Lund took over the position of Features Editor her junior year and is now excited...

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Cece Kaufmann

Staff Writer

Cece Kaufmann is enjoying her first year at the Southerner and is someone who's always prepared to jump over any hurdles that get in her way. This sophomore is a multi-talented artist and athlete who understa...

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Soline Van de Moortele

News and Web Editor

From slam poetry to women’s basketball, senior Soline Van de Moortele has seen it all. In her third year as a staff member she serves as the News and Web Editor and the admin behind The Southerner Fac...

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Kinsley Wilcox-McBride

Staff Writer

Wearing her signature infinity necklace, freshmen Kinsley Wilcox-McBride is excited for her first year of newspaper. As a writing enthusiast, Wilcox-McBride is looking forward to learning a new style of writ...

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Siobhan Sullivan

Staff Writer

Junior Siobhan Sullivan is new to the Southerner this year but she is not new to the world of news. In 6th grade Sullivan joined the Mousetrap, the school newspaper at her middle school, with her first s...

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Eli Shimanski

Visual Media Editor

Eli Shimanski, a senior, is ready as ever for this year, as long as he’s always listening to the album Views by Drake. Our very own visual media editor is going into his third year of newspaper. He hop...

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Zoe Chinander-McFaul

Staff Writer

Whether she’s out exploring Powderhorn park hunting for trash to turn into trinkets and art, playing smooth jazz on her trumpet or enjoying some sweet potato pound cake at the Mayday Cafe, junior Zoe ...

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