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Caleb Stipkovits
This may be Caleb Stipkovits’ first year at the Southerner but he has always had a passion for learning about what is going on in the world. A few years ago, his love for writing started up with a focus on creating pieces meant to be shared, considered and discussed. Stipkovits is a big fan of entertainment from decades past. You might find him listening to his favorite old school hip hop tracks or watching a classic sitcom like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

In the future Stipkovits plans to explore Asia and return to Taiwan, where he lived for a year. One of the things he misses most is the wide variety of foods from many different cultures. He indulges in the nostalgia of his old home by going to United Noodles and picking up some of the many delicious candies and snacks.

Stipkovits is excited to improve his writing and continue to learn about what’s happening in the community through joining the newspaper. This will be another outlet of his political and social justice oriented voice. He recognizes the power of words and how a subtle shift can change the meaning of a story similar to how changing the shades of color in a drawing can create a completely different picture.

Caleb Stipkovits, Staff Writer

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