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Undefeated women’s basketball team has sights set on state tournament

Miiko Taylor, Staff writer

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The South High women’s basketball team has yet to lose a game this season. In 2009, the team won the State Championship. Now, the team is starting to play city conference competition and players are looking towards returning to state.

The women’s basketball squad has played against tough competition such as Roseville, Minnehaha, Wayzata, and Bloomington Kennedy High Schools. As of January 5, they are 11-0 in the season.

Senior Sattoria Rule, the leading scorer for the team, commented on the team’s success saying, “[We] have a lot of chemistry working together this year.” The team plans on playing through, and winning, the conference division, made up of city high schools, and to play in the State championship. “That is our plan,” commented junior captain Kaneesha Green. “We don’t like to lose.”

Beating other teams in the conference division is not the only thing in the way to the state championship this year. Some basketball players are finding it difficult to practice due to the current conditions of the South High gymnasium floor. “We need some new floors,” said Rule, “the floors at South are slippery and it slows us down.”

The team will play its second conference division game against Southwest High School on January 7 at South. For access to their full schedule, follow this link:

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One Response to “Undefeated women’s basketball team has sights set on state tournament”

  1. gina on January 11th, 2011 12:57 pm

    i think the girls are doing wonderful . they are the BEST , no doubt!

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Undefeated women’s basketball team has sights set on state tournament