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Women’s basketball team beats Southwest and Roosevelt for city champ title

Anna Kleven, Sports Editor

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The varsity women’s basketball team is resting on their laurels after decisive wins against Southwest and Roosevelt.

They defeated Southwest on Friday, February 19th with a final score of 61-50. Sophomore Mariaunna Green called the game “the big focus of the season.”

“I knew we were gonna win after the first half because we scored 8 points in 30 seconds,” she said. “That felt good.”

They went on to play Roosevelt, who was no competition. The final score was 80-19.  Along with an easy win came the opportunity to put in players who don’t normally get as much time on the court. Many of these players, like Green, sophomore Claire McDonald and several middle schoolers, play both JV and varsity.

“I liked toward the end of the game because usually not all the time the JV players that play JV and varsity…get to play. But all of us got to play at the varsity game last night. it was fun, and we scored!” she said.

Sophomore Morgan Hill said that the most memorable play was when “AD [Adria] and Solanna be hitting the threes!”

They play Wayzata on Thursday, February 25th which will determine their seed for sections. Green hopes that they can “beat Wayzata tomorrow”and has her hopes up. “We have a chance to be two seed for our section games. I hope that we can at least win our first three sections games,” she said.


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Anna Kleven, Sports Editor

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Women’s basketball team beats Southwest and Roosevelt for city champ title