New Girls Hockey Coach Brings Focus and Energy to Team

Girls Nova hockey team's new coach  Sarma Osman believes that,

Eleanor Noble

Girls Nova hockey team’s new coach Sarma Osman believes that, “loving the game really does make you better.”

Eleanor Noble, Sports Editor

The Minneapolis Girls Nova hockey team transitioned a new coach this winter, Sarma Osman, bringing energy and focus to the team. Osman returned to her Minneapolis stomping grounds after a successful professional hockey career at the University of Minnesota and throughout Europe.

“I’m from Minneapolis and I played at Southwest high school. I always said if a Minneapolis job opened I’d go for it.” Osman stated. “After graduating I coached at high school and at Hamlin. I liked high school better so I’m back here now.”

So far the change has been met with positivity from the players who appreciate Osman’s dedication to the team from the get-go.  “She is a lot more committed to the team. We work harder and it makes us take the game more seriously.” said senior Kellie Winchell who is happy with the new energy that accompanied the coaching switch.

New player, sophomore Sydney Dynneson, agreed that the change has helped her improve individually and helped the team as a whole, “She has great practices, game plans, just everything. We just get things done.”

Although the results haven’t necessarily reflected these changes, with no wins on record, work is being done to identify and fix the problems. “We’re a work in progress,” Osman explained. “The skill is there we just have to put the pieces together.”

The teams record isn’t the only thing Osman is attempting to address. “My goals are to improve from last year and to help the girls have a positive experience with hockey.” So far the team has been enjoying the season on and off the ice and they’re looking forward to a future  with this coaching staff.

“Hopefully she continues, I’d love for her to stay!” Said Dynneson.

The key to this coaches positive change is the effort she puts into the team and her interactions with players. “I’m very straightforward. I like a simple hockey game and believe that loving the game really does make you better.”