Dress-up Days Unite South Athletes

Ruby Dennis, Staff Writer

Neon pink? Wacky-tacky? Men’s formal wear? South’s sports teams have done it all.

It’s a well-known tradition for many of South’s athletes to dress up (with a theme, of course) before an important game to show support for their teammates and the school. The costumed players are immediately recognizable as a part of a group.

Like Spirit Week, costumes and dress-up days are a great way to get players excited for a big game. However, motivation isn’t the only reason.

According to a 2002 analysis (from members of the University of Western Ontario and Brock University) of several studies, there is a “significant moderate to large relationship between cohesion and performance in sport,” especially for high schools. In other words, a more cohesive and welcoming team will find that their players perform significantly better than divided groups. Good communication and cooperation are essential for a team to do well, even for “individual” sports.

But performance is not what is most important. It’s having somewhere to go, where one can feel like part of a team and know that they are necessary for success.

High school is a difficult time for most of us. Students are expected to keep up with their schoolwork, become involved in extracurriculars, stay healthy and active, get nine hours of sleep and form lasting relationships with their friends all at the same time. With all this stress, it’s important for teenagers to feel accepted as part of a group. Coaches and team captains should make sure they keep their players cooperative and, if not best friends, at least polite and encouraging to each other.

That’s why this blogger congratulates South High’s many sports teams and urges them to continue to dress as strangely as they like.

How about a superhero day? Being a teenager is difficult and it’s nice to feel in power sometimes.