Mens Soccer Finishes with Close Game at State

Haley Deparde

Haley DeParde, Photo Editor

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On Thursday South’s Men’s Varsity soccer team faced Bloomington Jefferson in an emotional state quarter final game at Park High School. South students packed 4 fan buses and headed out to Cottage Grove. The true supportive spirit of South was evident, seeing as there was a significantly larger number of South fans than Bloomington Jefferson. The defense was in full gear, despite the 40 degree weather. Junior Noah Hanson shined as goalie and had the crowd chanting for him on many occasions, once after punching the ball away from the goal. According to team manager Lena Pelini, Hanson saved 74 goals this season. After battling it out in an overtime of two ten minute period with no goals, the teams went into penalty kicks, both teams making all five shots. South suffered a heartbreaking loss after Senior Jack Kotnik barely missed in a sudden death penalty kick.

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