Gymnastics team has freshman and senior stars

Erika Roedl, News & Web editor

Gymnastics team stars senior Lucy Hennen and freshman Mary Kampa represented the best of an amazing gymnastics this past winter, with Hennen winning the Athena Award and Kampa going to State competitions on February 25 held at the University of Minnesota.

The Athena award, an award for senior women in the metro area, was presented to Hennen for athletic achievement. She has been to City and Sectional competitions on several occasions and she plays three varsity sports: diving, gymnastics, and track and field. “It’s definitely an honor,” said Hennen.

Kampa said that there was a lot of energy and waiting around at the State competitions, and that “it was really fun to just go there and be a part [of it].”

Since she was two years old Kampa has been doing gymnastics and following in her mother’s footsteps, who did gymnastics and was a gymnastics coach. “I just kept with it,” said Kampa.

“It was really inspiring watching all of the other people perform [at State],” said Kampa. She plans on going to State next year as well, and added that watching everyone perform different events gives her something to work to. Kampa trains year round for the events.

Hennen said the gymnastics season was “the team’s best” because they won city competitions, but her personal best was in diving, in which she set two South High records. “People who see me keep saying congratulations and stuff-it’s cool,” said Hennen.