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South women’s tennis team earn 3rd championship

Gabe Bethke, Staff writer

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As the sun set on the baseline courts yesterday evening, the South High women’s tennis team won its third consecutive twin cities championship.

It ws a “strong match for South” said senior captain Annie Pudvah. Pudvah, who has played tennis all four years at South, said that the team “did our thing” and “swept [opponents] 7-0”

Pudvah said everyone on the team all became “close friends” and had a lot of fun this season.

The women’s tennis team is no stranger to success, as this is their third consecutive twin cities championship, they also have high expectations for the future. The championship marks the end of the regular season, but the tennis team will hopefully continue their success with individual sections next week, with 6 of 7 varsity players qualifying.

As for potential failure, the team remains optimistic. Pudvah stated that the honor “of just being a captain” was satisfaction enough for her.

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South women’s tennis team earn 3rd championship