Professional wrestling returns to South for second fundraiser

Professional wrestling returns to South for second fundraiser

Miiko Taylor, Staff writer

If you are looking for a night of fun with friends and family, the South High athletic office is hosting an event in the South gym involving professional wrestling. The proceeds from the February 5 event will go towards the purchase of lights for South’s Les Barnard football field.

The athletic office announced recently that after low attendance at a first professional wrestling fundraiser in November, they would be hosting a second event. “I was really disappointed in the student involvement,” commented Athletic Director Mark Sanders. “We had about a handful of South High students attend the first fundraiser.”

Despite the low number of students, everybody in attendance enjoyed the performances, according to Sanders. Junior Mark Akpaka, a South student who attended the first fundraiser, said that he thought “it was very interesting.” He added that there was a comical element to the event as well.

A highlight from the first fundraiser was when Sanders entered the ring and ‘body-slammed’ one of the professional wrestlers. To Akpaka, this was the “most enjoyable part”.

Another student who attended the event was junior Dennis Gilbert. “I went to help support getting lights for our field,” he stated.

The lights that the fundraiser is supporting are around 175,000 dollars. “Getting lights would be a big deal,” commented Assistant Athletic Director Tony Stewart. According to Stewart, if the school had lights for the football field, South could have more home games and host more tournaments. “Football Lights would impact eleven teams and make their schedules more flexible,” added Stewart.

In contrast to the first fundraiser, ticket prices have been reduced to half-price and are now 5 dollars for South students, and 10 dollars for parents and friends. “We hope [the lower cost of tickets] will create a bigger turn-out,” said Stewart.

Not only is Sanders organizing the event but he will also be the main referee. Also, the main event will feature ‘The Brauler’ versus his opponent, ‘El Bano’. “This is a fun, family event,” expressed Sanders. “We want to get students out there to have a fun night.”

Increased advertising and positive feedback from the first fundraiser seem to be helpful for Sanders and Stewart as they aim for a larger turn-out on the eve on February 5. Akpaka will be in attendance at the second fundraiser and added, “I’m bringing my friends and family.”