Lunch Prices Increase, Hurts Students


Caleb Stipkovits

School lunch prices increased to $2.80 for students. This went into action at the beginning of the school year, and many students don’t agree with the decision.

Mumtaz Abdi, Staff Writer

School lunch prices increased at South High this year to $2.80 for students and $4.55 for staff. This went into action at the beginning of the school year, and many students don’t agree with this decision, which was made by the school board.

Many students don’t agree with this because they have to pay more money for lunch then before, and teacher/adults have to pay more than students for lunch as well as having to pay for breakfast, which is free for students. They don’t get breakfast for free because the school can’t afford to hand out that much free food.

“This decision mainly is affecting people who are in lower middle classes, it’s hard for them to pay because they are struggling everyday to get school lunch. They are at the point where parents make too much to be reduced or to be free,” said junior Sahara Jama.

 With the lunch prices going up, it’s going to be even harder for the people who are applying for free and reduced lunch because they have to qualify, which is a hard process. Because of the prices going up, South won’t be able to afford to give so many people free and reduced lunch.  “This is an issue going around South because some families have to pay for their children everyday [and have trouble affording it],” said Jama.

 Jama continued: “Before they raise [lunch] price[s], they should do a lot of research about how it would affect… students here at South and they should do studies about if less people would have lunch [if the prices went up] and where they suppose to get lunch if they cant afford to keep paying for it.”

“The school [lunch] prices have been changed several times throughout South High School, but it keeps increasing,” said social worker Sheri Harris.  “South staff and students don’t like it. The students and staff have to pay everyday for their lunch. Some bring their own lunch most of the time, but I don’t agree with this decision as well as the students.”