UNIDOS end the year right with a festive celebration


Suad Adams

UNIDOS celebrated their second annual holiday party on December 20th. All South High students were invited to help kick off the winter break. There was food, dancing, energetic music, and a lots of smiling faces.

Suad Adam, Staff Writer

After school on December 20th, UNIDOS celebrates the end of the year while recruiting new members at their second annual holiday party. Everyone brought different types of food to the table and they danced to lively music.

“UNIDOS is an after school program for Latinos to build a strong community. And it’s a great way to express yourself,” said senior club President, Deisy Castro. “We [held] this event to gather students into our group, to celebrate new members, and as well as ending the year with a celebration.”

Both UNIDOS President (Deisy Castro) and Vice President (Yojanly Gonzalez) organized the event. Gonzalez explains that, “Usually we plan the posada before every Christmas… it’s a common tradition in Latin cultures.” A posada is a reenactment of Mary and Joseph looking Bethlehem and is typically celebrated towards the end of December.

UNIDOS is a safe environment for Latino students and non-Latino students to be as comfortable as possible. Some of the other things UNIDOS does is encourage students to speak the language they speak at home at school all day to build that comfort. Sometimes they have college recruiters come and speak to the students about.

The club has more events to come in the near future. From fashion shows to the annual UNIDOS event in the auditorium. UNIDOS is open to new members; meetings are held every Thursday in room 239.