AVID’s First Retreat Builds Community


Drew Hemer

Avid students Alariana Johnson, Spencer Kimball, Asha Farah, Antionna Bradley, Joe Four Horns, Natalia Cortes White Eagle, and Deyona Becton do the whip.

Drew Hemer, Staff Writer

Last Tuesday at Corcoran Park, AVID students gathered together to strengthen the AVID community at a retreat. They gathered into groups at stations to complete a total of 11 community building activities.

Marc Bromaghim-Oropeza, a Facilitator from Project Success, blared the Zelda boss battle music from his phone as he walked menacingly around the field. “A lot of the things that Avid and Project Success do coincide,” said AVID teacher Eric Taggart. He says that AVID teacher Ms. Alebach has been looking for ways to integrate Project Success into AVID. AVID and Project Success haven’t done any programs together in the past.

As students walked around the field, they engaged in several activities, including creating a team chant, a paper airplane toss, college sports team matching, and bean bag toss.The final stage was to do the whip, and the nae nae whilst being judged by Marc. Several groups failed to whip and nae nae due to the lack of enthusiasm, and effort, but many succeeded and forever impressed Marc. The event strengthened the ‘Avid Family’ and helped students make new friends and build relationships.