Funding for South’s library keeps our books up to date


Ella Kressel, Staff Writer

When you think about your school library you might not always think about all the different things that go into this small yet, special place. Our library is used for endless things. You can go there to use the computers; which are accessible before and after school every day. It is also a place where students can rent books that are necessary to improve upon their education. A unique way to stay involved with the library is to join the book club.

You may know Ms. Snell, a face familiar to many who spend time in the media center. Snell speaks of the many ways she decides what books are going to be helpful and/or interesting for students. She finds herself roaming book stores in the young adult section or browsing “Best Seller” lists.

The funding for our books comes from the school and the district. Funding also affects what we are able to buy. Fortunately for South our district is very fair when it comes to our funding. When funding is low we can’t do things like order specialized books. We then have to focus more on books teachers need rather than special requests.

When it comes to kids donating books, the library is rather picky. The books needs to be semi well known. Snell and the staff like to know the book will be of use. The book needs to be fairly new and in very good condition for it to be added to the collection.

On the other hand, if you have a book you are looking to get off your hands there is a place right outside the media center always looking for more books to contribute to the free book table.

When you need a quiet place to catch up on work, wish to use the computers or aspire to use the Library in any other way, drop by!