New cold weather policy takes safety of community into account

Kaitlyn White, Staff Writer

It’s after winter break, students have to get their sleep schedules back on track. Getting up after a long break is hard enough, but now it’s below zero outside! The cold weather is making it harder for students to get out of the cold, to go bike, walk, or even wait for the bus. The district posted a message on the Minneapolis Public Schools website saying: “All schools will be in session on January 5th”. After students hoped that they wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of their bed, their wishes don’t come home. Leaving them disappointed and irritated with the district.


After the low wind chill and below zero temperatures, the district has “re-made” their qualifications for their school cancellation on school days. The article opens up with a paragraph about the safety schools offer in cold weather, and how the cancellation affects the families, and staff involved. “Canceling school is a complicated decision that affects students, staff and families. Our schools provide students with a safe and stable place to learn.” the district stated in the first sentence of the schedule. After explaining how the closings affect the families, and staff. Then they move to the students who rely on school to be open.


“Some students rely on the school district for breakfast and lunch,” this statement made by the district shows that they actually don’t just worry about the staff. They know that kids rely on the school to make sure they are fed and warm. Reading this puts perspective to the kids who want school cancelled. The district shows concern and you can see why canceling school is an exception, knowing how much stress it puts on parents who have children who can’t stay home on their own.


The most recent school cancellation was on January 7th, 2015. The day before the school cancellation students started to hear that there may not be school the next day. The wind chill has to be negative thirty-five degrees fahrenheit for the district to consider canceling all Minneapolis Public Schools. The wind chill on January 7th, 2015 was negative forty degrees. There was a wind chill warning in effective from five am to nine AM, telling people to stay inside as much as possible.


After the district saw this weather report they called, emailed, and texted all the families on January 6th, 2015 at 4:36 pm about the school cancellation. Many were excited to have a day off so they could stay at home under their warm covers. But the students thought in the back of their mind “Do we have to make this day up?” Hopefully not.


After that cold day, the district isn’t sure how many other cold days we’ll have. Hopefully so many cold days that we lose scheduled time off from school. Or have to add on days at the end of the year.