South Fliers Flocking to One Location


Ben DeVore

All school fliers will now be relocated to the computer lab window across from the main office.

Ben DeVore, News/Web editor

This week Souths school fliers, for anything from anime club to SRC, will be relocated to a window across from the main office. They will also be scanned in and displayed on the TV monitors that are placed throughout the school.

“The school is getting a face lift with the recent painting that has been going on and with all the fliers being put up and taken down paint is peeling off,” said South office assistant Nora Wessling, “they are now all in one centralized area so everyone can see them clearly and they don’t cover the walls.”

While this change occurred because of the recent painting, once the painting is over the fliers will stay on the window, “It will stay this way after the painting is done and will keep the building much cleaner and new looking,” said Wessling.

The idea for this change was brought up at a recent Site Council meeting where students, teachers and parents get together to direct school administration. At this meeting the desicion for the new flier distribution was made. Student members of Site Council, however, were not excited, “excited is not the term I would use,” said South senior and Site Council member Sugei Leal, “I like the flyers around the school, I think they’re a good way to get information to students.”

Leal gave the idea to display fliers on  TVs as well so they wouldn’t be visible at only one place in the school, but still thinks they should stay up on the walls.

The window all fliers will be moved to looks in on room 148, the first floor computer lab, and is between two display cases making it a reasonable place to display fliers. Unfortunately having only one spot for displaying club and school events advertisements can decrease the amount of people seeing them and therefore limit the amount of people that attend these events.

“I don’t think kids are trained to look at the monitors and the wall across from the office, it will make things more difficult,” said South social worker and SRC (Silver Ribbon Campaign) facilitator Eva Neubeck, “I think the reason we have such an active community at South is our access to information and this change will make that more difficult.”

Wessling, however, believes students will find this new method more accessible, “No one’s complained, I think students like that [the fliers] are all in one place now.” Neubeck hopes this change doesn’t affect SRC attendance, “I’m hoping it won’t, but it has the potential to.”