NHS hosts talent show competition

Laura Turner, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, 20 March 2013, National Honor Society Hosted South’s annual talent show.  There were 19 musical acts. Attendees voted on three winners who to be awarded monetary prizes.

The winning act was a performance of Jennifer Hudson’s “I’m Feeling Good” by Roza Margolis-Brooks and Jahkobi Senna. NHS advisor Arthur French said that all of the acts were successful. Second place was granted to freshmen Thomas Bates, Ruby Mitchell, and Miles Jamison for their rap “Top Rookie.” Third place was awarded to sisters Jessika and Latasha Akpaka for their adaption of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”

Though NHS broke even on the show, French said that profit is a secondary concern. “The talent show does a lot for the student body.” He said that it is “not a political event… it’s a fun musical event . . . [The show] transcends culture and race.” He also emphasized that it provided students who aren’t necessarily members of South’s musical community the opportunity to shine.

According to French, the show went smoothly. The audience was polite. “We could’ve had a bigger audience,” he said, “but all in all it was a successful show.”