Rachel’s Challenge continues with themed weeks

Grace Palmer, Staff Writer

Earlier this year, South hosted an auditorium presentation for the Rachel’s Challenge program. It was put together in memoriam for Rachel Scott, a victim of the Columbine shooting. Themed events took place over two weeks, March 11-20, to continue the goals of the organization.

Monday of both weeks was high five day, Tuesday was lend a hand day, and Wednesday was inner weirdness day. Thursday was chain it up, which has happened as part of similar programs across the country. Students wrote acts of kindness and similar things on strips of paper which is made into a paper chain. Last Friday, the group organized a flash mob right before the beginning of school.

The program aimed to “start a chain reaction of kindness” throughout the school. The program continued after the full school assembly by starting a student group, called the Rachel’s Challenge Leadership Group.

Sophomore Esther Nataf-Franzmeier, president of the group, said that the goal is for “students to notice each other, get to know people, get outside of their groups … to make us a bigger community … more together.