Students participate in school evaluation survey

Laura Turner, Staff Writer

On Thursday, November 29th, 2012 South students and students across the Minneapolis Public School district participated in a survey administered by the Tripod Project.  The Tripod Project, according to its website, “Is grounded on the assumption that much of the knowledge necessary for improving student outcomes is already present in most classrooms.”

Surveys administered by the Tripod Project are nationwide and provide information to the districts, schools, and classrooms about the quality of learning and teaching within those areas.

“Tripod student questionnaires are designed to capture key dimensions of classroom life and teaching practice as students experience them,” the website said.  Success and improvement of classrooms are measured also through standardized test scores.  The Tripod Project is exists to provide feedback with the intention to close the achievement gap throughout the country.

Questions on the survey taken by students on Thursday were all multiple choice.  Students ranked statements and answered questions on a scale determining the truth in the statement.  It took about 20 minutes to a half an hour for students to complete.  South’s results will be returned to the district, the school, and individual teachers regarding their successes and areas for improvement.