Investigation underway about Code Red events

Gabe Bethke, Staff writer

Yesterday afternoon, “South High School was briefly placed on Code Red Lock-down when an unknown individual attempted to pursue two students into the building” explained South High Principal Cecilia Saddler in an email to both Faculty and Parents.

Saddler continued that “we followed [Minneapolis Public School] security procedures, immediately placing the school on Code Red Lock-down as a precaution. Our school resource officer stopped the individual at the entryway. Fewer than a dozen students witnessed the situation. Minneapolis police responded to the matter.”

Saddler and the administration were unable to comment further other than the information provided in the email.

Officer James Loveland echoed what the rest of the administration had said, “someone was arrested yesterday at South, and charges are pending. “

“The gun myth is definitely false” explained French teacher and World Language Department chair Michelle Campbell. Campbell went on to say that “I heard some students talking about it, but there was never any reason to believe that other than rumors.”

Saddler concluded that “No one was injured in the incident and the Code Red was lifted at 2:15. Our students were able to complete their day without further incident. Hats off to South staff members and students, who did a great job handling the situation this afternoon.”

More details on this story will be made available as soon as they are publicized.