Umoja celebrate Black History Month with annual auditorium

Umoja celebrate Black History Month with annual auditorium

The Umoja group at South High performed a presentation on Friday, February 24 in the auditorium in honor of National African-American History Month that emphasized the holiday Kwanzaa.

“It was to show [the students] Kwanzaa, and show them there are other holidays other than Christmas,”  said group member senior Charlie Metcalf.

PBIS coach and co-advisor of Umoja Terrance Roberts said the purpose of the presentation was “to let everyone know about family and unity.”

According to Metcalf, the group had been rehearsing the event since the beginning of February.

“I got so many compliments; people learned a lot.” said president of the group, and senior Ajae Smith. The audience at South cheered and clapped as every dance and inspirational quote was showed.

“It was a positive message, there was a lot of appreciation.” added Metcalf

Smith said that she heard the staff learned a lot as well, and that the students who are involved in Umoja have learned about family and unity.“It made me more open minded to culture, and being president matured my communication skills.” said Smith, “the group learned a lot about Kwanzaa as well,” she added.

The group has many more events coming up, including college tours and putting on a play for the children at Green Central Elementary.