South High Theatre gets professional instruction for lighting system

Gabe Bethke, Staff writer

On Tuesday, resident lighting designer Mike Kittle from the Parkway Theater ran a student-oriented lighting workshop here at South for the Theater Techs. Kittle lead the workshop, helping instruct techies on the proper way to use the lighting system as a part of future theater productions.

Philip Mestenhauser, senior, stated via email that “It was an excellent opportunity to learn more about how professional theaters operate” and that “Hopefully this will let future South High Theater productions be designed and set up quicker.”

Rose Hamill, a senior and veteran techie stated that “it’s not like we didn’t know how to use the lights in the past, but now our shows are going to be so much better.”

The point of the workshop was not only to acclimate the techs with lighting techniques, but also to familiarize them with the current system. “It was set up by a senior a few years ago” said Hamill, “He basically set up the system, and didn’t really leave much instruction to help us when he left.”

Hamill, along with the other techs now feel confident that their knowledge of lighting will help their future productions and help the theater program to reach a bright new future.