Seniors look forward to the independence of college

Margaret Horstman

Margaret Horstman, Staff writer

Applying to colleges can be a stressful experience for seniors. They have to choose several colleges, fill out applications, and write essays. Even after applying, there are still college tours and choosing the right place to attend based on academics, location, sports, size, and many other factors.

But this process also makes seniors think about the independence to come, and think about their college choices now more than ever.

Senior Profiles

Rasheeda Lacy

Rasheeda Lacy is considering a major in biological science. She is applying to University of Chicago, Northwestern, De Paul, University of Minnesota, Carlton, and Creighton. Of those schools, her first choice is the University of Chicago. She says she is looking there “because of how they teach the programs.” Lacy says the school is idea based, and explores different ideas with an open mind.

“I think there will be a lot more freedom because I’ll be on my own,” said Lacy.
Though it will be very different from high school, she is excited for being in the inner city and gaining independence.

Andre Boone
When visiting his older brother at University of Chicago, Loyola, Boone noticed how independent college is compared to high school. “There is nothing you [are required] to do,” said Boone. Everything is an option, and it’s your responsibility to get it done.

Boone is applying to the University of Wisconsin Madison, Augsburg, University of Minnesota, and Drake. His first choice of those schools is Augsburg because he believes has a good environment, location, diversity, and a good education. Those are the most important qualities Boone is looking for in a school.

Boone is interested in pursuing music and social studies in college, and is looking forward to the independence of living on his own.

Victoria Peters
Victoria is looking for a small liberal arts college with a good music program. She is applying to Luther, St. Olaf, and Northwestern. Of those colleges, Luther is her first choice. Luther fits her expectations of a liberal arts school.
“Class will be a lot harder but it will be easier to study because there are less extra curricular activities,” said Peters.
She is looking forward to meeting different people, trying new things, and the whole college experience.


John Lace
John is applying to Eau Claire, Morris, and the University of Minnesota, though he is particularly interested in Morris and Eau Claire.  He prefers to attend a school with a good theater program, and wants to major in theater. At South he has been in productions such as Rabbit Hole, Our Town, and Musical Murder Mysteries of the 1940s.
Lace suspects the change from high school to college will be very positive, and there will be a lot more freedom. He is looking forward to the college experience and environment.