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Pictured above the JV Frisbee team huddles before playing a game against Southwest. Huddling is one  way coaches motivate their players, and offer criticism and tips. Freshman and Ultimate Frisbee player, Christian-Seth Nguyen, often prepares for his games by, listen[ing] to music, to help him, get in the zone. Photo: Oliver Hall

South athletes get ready both physically and mentally

Tannen Holt, Staff Writer June 2, 2017

Athletes are a group of people known for their dedication to the sport they play. They put their bodies on the line, risking injury as a result of training or the sport itself, and dedicate years to developing...

Hanna Bolstrom is in mid swing to bat for her softball team.This game was between the South Adapted Softball team and the South Suburban Flyers. This game ended with a tie 0-0. Bolstrom is a senior this year and has won the Athena awards for South high school. She is the happiest girl I know. [Shes] always smiling, always happy, always supportive of her members, [and] just upbeat, said Athletic office manager Lynn Heldt. Photo: Asanti Bekele

This multi-sport Athena winner puts smiles on people’s faces

Asanti Bekele, Staff Writer June 1, 2017

Hanna Bolstrom is a bright smiley girl with short hair and glasses who passes by people everyday in the halls. After school she plays four adapted sports throughout the school year. What makes this girl...

Pictured above Ultimate Frisbee captain, Emma Krasky, plays a tough game against Forest Lake. Krasky is one of several South Frisbee players who signed an open letter which outlined their complaints about sexism in sports, and offered solutions. Photo: Tannen Holt

Female Frisbee players address sexism in an Open Letter to Minnesota Ultimate

Madeline Mahoney, Staff Writer May 11, 2017

Sexism in sports is a huge issue that has become a topic of debate in recent years. The large pay disparities between male and female athletes that exist in most professional sports have been drawing more...

 Pictured above Django Lebeau prepares his first swing of the second hole in the South High golf teams game against Roosevelt on the 18th. This is the teams first game of the season. Photo: Oliver Hall

South takes a new swing at the 2017 golf season

Oliver Hall, Staff Writer April 27, 2017

Standing out on a cloudy day just cold enough to the point where the tips of your fingers are numb, geese squawking loudly and a massive expanse of green. A new player lines up a shot and hit the ball...

 Pictured above players from the South badminton team go head to head up against North Community’s badminton team in a game of doubles on the 24th of April. Photo: Mia Swanson

South badminton team wins with flying birdies

Mia Swanson, Staff Writer April 25, 2017

The bleachers are up. The nets have been set. Along the sidelines one girl in pigtails stretches her legs, and another secures her shoes for the impact they will embrace. The energy in the room is powerful...

As pictured above, rugby players participate in an activity where they run with the ball, hitting blockers (similar to those used in football) as they go. Players also practice strategies that they can implement during games, such as rucking. This is when players push against each other to get the ball out of a pack, so someone else can grab it. Photo: Sophia Manolis

Rugby: a rucking good time

Sophia Manolis, Staff writer April 18, 2017

In terms of popularity, the sport of rugby isn’t really at the same level as sports like football or soccer. Oftentimes it’s mainly just thought of as “dangerous,” and because of this many people...

Pictured above the boys Ultimate Frisbee team practices at Powderhorn park. While many sports have gone down in numbers the participation in frisbee has surged in recent years. Photo: Livia Lund

Changing seasons bring fluctuations to sports participation

Henry Holcomb, Staff Writer April 15, 2017

Although South’s ultimate frisbee team has existed in some form or another since 2001, it has drastically exploded with popularity in these last few years.  South has frisbee teams playing in both the...

The south high track team before they start practice. It was a 90 percent chance of rain this day so the track team was inside. Luckily other teams were still practicing outside so there was enough space for everyone. Photo: Luca Raffo-Simoes

Crowded YWCA makes practice hard and coaches nervous

Luca Raffo-Simoes, Staff Writer April 14, 2017

What if your practice was interrupted by different sports running through your space? This has been a problem since the beginning of the spring sports season at the YWCA (Young Women's Christian Association)...

 Pictured above Rodney Lossow coaches, and gives instructions to the badminton team. Lossow is a former assistant coach that has taken up the mantle of head coach for the football team and continues to coach the badminton team. He has coached many different sports in Minneapolis. 
Photo: Eli Shimanski

Badminton coach intercepts head football position

Oliver Hall, Staff Writer March 17, 2017

Sports are a large part of the lives of very many students, from badminton to football the coaches have a big impact on the teams that these students play on. This affects many different parts of students...

 Teams: Volleyballs Deep, and Seward Rats face off against each other. The Volleyballs Deep did make to to the finals but sadly did not win. “It was fun playing, it wasnt too intense” said Emma Schulz member of “Love at First Spike.” Photo: Katherine Lundquist

Winter Olympics: win or lose you’ll have fun

Katherine Lundquist, Staff Writer March 16, 2017

On Friday March 10 during 5th, 6th and 7th hour many students gathered in the gym to watch the Winter Olympics. The Winter Olympics started as a way for students to relax for the second half of the day...

Pictured above. Dutch Franko-Dynes is in the blue. He is diving into the water at a race, one of his teammates said “He encourages the team and likes to have fun on the team as well.” 
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Franko

South swimmer goes to state

Oliver Piotrowski, Staff Writer March 7, 2017

Dutch Franko-Dynes, a junior here at South, won first place in the 100 yard freestyle for swimming and went to state. He originally started competitively swimming in February of 2012 at the age of 13,...

8th grader Jade Hill drives down the court to prepare to make a shot. South faced Hopkins, the number one team in the state, this Saturday in Sections semi-finals. Although South lost 85-42, the team was proud of the game and of the season.  “We feel really good about the season, we won the conference without a loss, we got our first section win,” said Head Coach Nathan McGuire. Photo: Livia Lund

Girl’s basketball team swished the net in Semi-finals, but missed the game

Livia Lund, Features Editor March 4, 2017

After a hard fought battle this Saturday, March 4th, against Hopkins, the women’s basketball team lost in Sections semi-finals 85-42. “We played the top team in the state that hasn’t lost a game...

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