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A homecoming win: defense stop Patriots in their tracks

South football player shows Patrick Henry who's boss. Photo Credit: Emmet Kowler

Erika Roedl, News & Web editor

September 24, 2011

The clock was still counting down the remaining 10 seconds of the game, but the South Varsity football team was already jogging off the field, congratulating themselves for the 14-6 win at the end of the homecoming game against the Patrick Henry Patriots. Despite a number of penalties, fumbles, and...

South volleyball team wasn’t “focused” enough to beat Southwest

Captain Ellen Sachs delivers a back row attack during a game against Southwest.  Photo Credit: Erika Roedl

Erika Roedl, News & Web editor

September 21, 2011

Things were looking up. In the first game in the volleyball match against Southwest, South stayed more than 10 behind, failing to return spikes, and not spiking back enough. It looked as though the girls couldn’t get control. Junior and captain Ellen Sachs explained, the team was “just jittery.” The game ended 13-25. “We wanted it so...

Super Soccer Saturday leaves nails bitten

Senior Miles Westrich runs to meet his team on the field.

September 19, 2011

South Men’s Varsity team won 3-2 Saturday against Southwest, but the victory didn’t come without a price for senior and goal keeper Miles Westrich.Westrich wrapped himself around the ball just as a Southwest player was taking a shot in the last few minutes of the first half. The crowd cheered when they sa...

A decrease if funding may cause a decrease in playing time for some South softball players

Louisa Lincoln, Staff writer

April 19, 2011

High school sports programs can be expensive. From the cost of coaches to the price of buses for transportation, the costs can add up quickly. Especially with the current economic conditions, some sports programs are being forced to cut back. For South’s softball program, that means cutting a team...

In baseball coach’s second year, repeat success of last season is expected

In baseball coach’s second year, repeat success of last season is expected

Eddie Ortegan, Staff writer

April 11, 2011

South High’s baseball program has changed in multiple ways over the last two years. The hiring of a new coach last year brought new training techniques and the loss of good athletes who graduated last spring has also caused changes in the program. The team is improving in their game and, to most of the athle...

South athletes face choice of mixing sports and substance abuse

Lars Olsen, Staff writer

April 11, 2011

Alcohol has long been present in high school social circles, and deaths from alcohol poisoning and drunk driving accidents account for over 30,000 deaths annually nationwide, according to Century Council. But many athletes choose to risk expulsion from their sport team as well as other risks inheren...

Sports-related injuries generate common frustrations among student athletes

Louisa Lincoln, Staff writer

April 11, 2011

They are every high school athlete’s worst nightmare -- from torn muscles to broken bones, a serious sports injury can end the season, or career, of a high school athlete. The question for many athletes is, "When can I get back in the game?" South High’s Athletic Director Mark Sanders said tha...

Members of the men’s wrestling and swimming teams compete at state tournaments

Elika Beck and Laura Thomas, Staff writer and Sports Editor

March 8, 2011

This past weekend, members from two of South’s athletic teams participated in state tournaments. Swimmers competed at the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center while wrestlers took the mats at the Xcel Energy Center both Friday, February 4, and Saturday, February 5. “I was happy to be there,” said jun...

Men’s swimmers race into state tournament

Elika Beck, Staff writer

March 3, 2011

“We swam really really well; the boys were pumped and did what we wanted them to do,”  said Neil Anderson, who co-coaches the men’s swim team with Jeff Sanders and Edwing Gelvez. On Friday, February 25, the men’s team competed in section finals at Richfield middle school. All coaches were plea...

Three South skiers finish off successful season by competing at state

Three South skiers finish off successful season by competing at state

Elika Beck, Staff writer

February 24, 2011

This year three students from South qualified for the state tournament in Nordic skiing: senior Chace Russel, senior Aly Fassett-Carman, and junior Katherine Eckstrom. Before the race, Eckstrom said, “Going to state is more of a celebration than anything else.” Like Eckstrom, Fassett-Carman went i...

Adapted sports present social opportunity for many South students

Adapted sports present social opportunity for many South students

Nadia Spock, Staff writer

February 17, 2011

These days it seems that high school sports are primarily geared towards physical rigor and creating a fierce sense of competition. But at South, the adapted sports teams have taken a different approach when it comes to physical activity. “I work with kids who just want to have fun,” shared South adapted hoc...

Men’s swim team has high goals for upcoming section and state meets

Selim Ayhan, Staff writer

February 16, 2011

The men’s swim team is preparing to compete at the section and state tournaments and expectations are high. With the state meet being in the first week of March, South swimmers take time to practice daily. Senior captain Carlo Balleria has been swimming at South for three years. “I think there...


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