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Loss of happy fruit mural reverberates through the student body

Antonia Lowell, Staff Writer

April 16, 2014

Many South students may remember the beautiful, treasured artwork that used to grace the west wall of our cafeteria. The smiling fruits and veggies brought us together as students and promoted an over all South community. This winter, however, an unexpected tragedy occurred. Our cafeteria was redone o...

E-reading is still reading: why there’s no such thing as a “real book”

E-reading is still reading: why there’s no such thing as a “real book”

Grace Palmer, Opinions Editor

April 9, 2014

“That’s not a real book!” - The battling cry of the jealous, perhaps? I’ll admit, I used to look down on ebooks, but now that I have a kindle I know that they’re practically magic - it makes my bag bigger on the inside. It’s much easier to carry my kindle than to haul around fourteen act...

Try celebrating St. Patrick’s day by appreciating heritage and history

Sophie Downey, Features Editor

March 17, 2014

On Saturday, March 15, throngs of green-clad Minneapolitans crowded the streets of Downtown, participating in various St. Patrick’s Day activities. While some of these included watching a parade, and special stations for children, the one activity St. Patrick’s Day is associated with is always th...

Longer weekends would help us learn

Laura Turner, Business Manager

March 12, 2014

Ask anyone and I’m pretty sure they would tell you they want longer weekends. Students start looking forward to 3pm on Friday the minute their alarm wakes them up on Monday morning. Weekends are opportunities for students to let go of stress and to focus on the activities they enjoy. Some people just ...

South should offer more classes with an American Indian perspective

Sophie Downey, Features Editor

February 19, 2014

In a certain part of South, students smudge, participate in drum circles, and learn about American Indian culture. Unfortunately, that learning doesn’t spread to the rest of the school. South’s Liberal Arts and Open programs don’t focus enough on American Indian history. Important historical events s...

Lets play the Shame Game

Eleanor Noble, Sports Editor

February 14, 2014

As youth sports become increasingly competitive, coaching styles intensify with them. Make a mistake on the field and a supportive "Thats okay, try again!" is not what you’re going to get. Harsh tactics often get results, but is that how young players should believe how success is achieved? My coach is someone...

Please End This Love

Maeve Handley, Staff Writer

February 13, 2014

Prestigious girl with a promising future and a death of a loved one falls for a working class boy with a dark past. Sound familiar? Of course it does. It has happened in practically all teenage romance movies. The remake of Endless Love was no exception to this boring, overused cliche of a story. Al...

Hats, mittens, and snow boots off to Google’s Winter Olympics doodle

Eleanor Noble, Sports editor

February 7, 2014

As the Olympics begin our eyes are caught by flying Russian girls, sparkly figure skaters, and that one sport where they kneel and slide the big stone puck across the ice. Today when I opened Google I noticed something else, a particularly amazing doodle. The letters of Google were made of different...

Students should be trusted over software

Grace Palmer, Opinions Editor

February 5, 2014

The number of sites that we, as students, are denied access to at school is, frankly, ridiculous and counterproductive. With criteria that block out “prohibited forum content,” for example, the overzealous filters mean that a lot of useful information is unavailable. We can’t view parts of maj...

Latin helps with many aspects of education

Etta Harkness-Bartholdi, Photography Editor

January 15, 2014

I love the language Latin. Yes, Latin, the dead language is so alive and relevant, I see it everywhere: on buildings, in churches, in Harry Potter, in other languages, in words, and in social constructs and norms.  The moment when you can read the side of a building which has Latin written on it or und...

High school athletic programs send students the wrong message

Maggie Fisher, Staff Writer

December 11, 2013

Recently, I saw a twitter petition protesting homework being required of student athletes. It stated, “athletes should receive less to no homework, compared to classmates that do not participate in sports.” This tweet received 22,879 retweets. This mindset is born from the common idea that athleti...

Podcasts: New Frontier in Entertainment

Ruby Dennis, Staff Writer

December 5, 2013

“A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep. Welcome to Night Vale.” The podcast draws you in immediately with its carefully eerie introduction, making Welcome to Night Vale an immediate hit. “I down...


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