Stop and look at the world around you


Graham Doyle, Staff Writer

My quarantine break has not been too bad. It’s given me a chance to catch my breath and reflect on the world around me. School causes me to fall into routine and this quarantine has given me a chance to break free from that monotony. I see COVID-19 as a signal from the planet that we all just need to chill out. A few weeks ago this reality would have seemed far fetched and unlikely to happen. I feel like within the span of a few days this whole situation intensified immensely and as a result people resorted to a variety of measures to protect themselves. Many began to hoard resources, likely toilet paper and sanitizers. Others prepared to distance themselves from society by staying in their homes. I’ve noticed a sharp increase in the amount of content, across all platforms, by my peers on social media. I’ve also noticed an equal increase in the amount of content about COVID-19, most of it being jokes. Some see these jokes as disrespectful and ignorant yet, I see them as a way of people dealing with the situation at hand. There’s little certainty in the future or outcome of this pandemic, especially when not everyone is adopting the necessary means of prevention. Of course I don’t want to spend all my time inside with my family but I understand my role in preventing the spread of the disease. I have begun to cherish my time alone much more but I do enjoy spending time with my family as well. My mom always tells me that, “it’s about making new patterns.” If we stop and stare at the world around us, we’ll forget to look at what’s going on right in front of us. Our response to this situation shouldn’t be to complain and exaggerate how bad it is but rather, figure out we can make the best of it. I’ve already seen my peers doing this, by spreading joy, laughter, and positivity across platforms in which many of us interact. Culturally, we need to use this time to reflect and better ourselves.