They couldn’t let a woman run this country


Leticia Ramirez Estrada, Staff Writer

Finding out that Donald Trump would be USA’s 45th president hit me hard. I was shocked and confused and a little surprised. I was confused as to why people had voted for him in the first place, i felt as if I was missing the big picture.

The truth is that the big picture had always been here, racist selfish white males all over this country didn’t vote for Clinton because having an African American president had already been too much so they couldn’t let a women run this country.

I am confused, being a Mexican-American daughter of immigrants, as to where my future stands. The most frustrating part of this, is not being able to do anything but pray and hope for the best. I understand that we shouldn’t judge people and I was taught that all my life, my mom always told me that people were never who they seemed to be, taught me not to be judgemental, and mind my own business. But I believe that racism and sexism have no type of justification, nobody should be discriminated by the color of their skin, the language they speak or the religion that they practice. No one choses to be born the way they are and no one should be ashamed of it, just because some idiot wants to decide that they are better than them.