Now go out into the world and chant until you can’t anymore


Keeler Gonzales, South Student Guest Writer

Dear reluctant protester,

We are all processing the recent presidential election differently. Some of us are depressed at the notion of living in a nation under the rule of a man who has said things to explicitly marginalize them. Some are confused that a man like Trump could ever think of holding office. Others are outraged that they live in a country where a racist misogynist can be elected president. Maybe you are even happy that you will finally feel accounted for in a country run by Trump. Regardless of your reaction, you have no doubt seen the constant news coverage of post-election America. You have seen the acts of racism, the riots, the protests. Many call those protesting Trump’s election sore losers, and you understand that. We live in a democracy where we elect our leader. Trump won that election so not much more can be done, right? So what is the point of all these protests? It’s not like they will do anything(?).

Here is what I have witnessed. I had the opportunity to participate in an anti-Trump rally that spilled off I-94 and through the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. We marched through this neighborhood, filled with vibrant immigrant culture and many small businesses with muslim owners. As we chanted things like “We reject the president elect” and “Not my president”, I saw residents pour out of their shops and homes. These people of Hispanic and Somali descent watched the procession with joy: dancing, smiling, laughing, and even joining in. The next day, as the South walkout journeyed through the Little Earth neighborhood, I saw Native American people come out of their home and raise their fists in solidarity.

In a time where the racism and bigotry in our country has been personified and put in high office, it is more important than ever to come together and support those oppressed by the ideas Trump exemplifies. Making it known to those threatened by the president-elects words that they are still welcome and can still thrive in our country is vital to our nation’s future. These protests are not against the election of Trump, rather they are against the xenophobic, homophobic, sexist and racist ideas that he brings with him into office. Coming together in solidarity after an event that threatens the safety of those without privilege is never something you should frown upon.

Now go out into the world and chant until you can’t anymore. March through the streets of downtown, occupy public space, shut highways down. Make it known to the oppressed in this country that you are there for them.

p.s. – Never forget to remain peaceful. Inciting violence with every person who yells at you from their car only exemplifies the behavior men like Trump expect from you. Treat everyone with love, hold up heart signs instead of middle fingers, embrace those with different opinions than you. Only then will any protest be successful.