But all I feel is rage.

Shadia Nurein , Staff Writer

On finding out Donald Trump would be my president I…

One: Considered removing my hijab for my safety only to remember that this would uncover another obstacle, my naps.

Two: Sat in my female dominated home, where I could see the worried faces as my distraught family anxiously watched, while a misogynist was getting ready to take leadership of the “free world.”

Three: Watched my immigrant mother hastily waiting for results, as she depended on Wolf Blitzer to project the opposite of what had come true.

Four: Heard the fear in my grandmother’s voice. Remembering how happy she was to vote last election for a brother whose father was from the same country she was.

Five: Came to terms with my disappointments as I watched fellow minorities vote for the same man that hates them.

Six: Felt confused as to why over 20 million people belive people who look like me should be banned.

Seven: Sat in a classroom that is majority white listening to my teacher and peers go on about how I need to hear the other side,

Hearing how my anger is invalid,

That my pain causes you discomfort

And you want me to feel sympathy

But all I feel is a rage.

Eight: Collected my thoughts and remembered that this isn’t the first time this country has taken steps back.

That you can’t make a country that was never great, great again.

That this should be a reason to keep fighting

To unite and be there for our brothers and sisters

As we take on this new challenge and fight for our rights.