My reflection on the election

DIana Caminelli, Staff Writer

(DIana Caminelli is an exchange student visiting from Italy)

When I woke up on Wednesday I was sad, I went down the stairs and when I saw my host mother, she was sad. I went to school with my host sister and she was really angry and sad. At school I saw people and teachers crying.

This is really sad.

I can’t understand a lot of things. I can’t understand how could a country that has always fought for its own freedom vote for a racist, xenophobic, misogynist and ignorant man who want a wall to separate countries. What kind of freedom is building a wall? What kind of freedom is mocking people with disability or ignoring climate change? How can you feel free when your president insults women for their physical appearance, thinks that homosexuality can be “cured” with electroshock, wants to control muslim people, want a raped woman not to have an abortion if she gets pregnant? He is a criminal, a criminal that now will not have a process for all the bad  things that he did.

A man who is accused of raping  a child could never be a good president.

The only thing left to do is hope. Hope that this man will never be able to accomplish what he has foretold.

I hope for you America, I hope for the world.