Review: The latest hit ‘Frozen 2’


Disney Frozen

What made Frozen 2 good was seeing the characters again and reminiscing the old movie within the new one.

Guille Bastian McClain, Staff Writer

It’s undeniable that the new movie Frozen 2 has been a hit all over the world. The movie made about $350.2 million worldwide within the first weekend. If you had watched the first movie, Frozen, then you were probably itching to see the sequel. But did it reach the expectations of the Frozen fans? No, not really. That’s not to say that it wasn’t a good movie with a lot of laughable and enjoyable moments, but if you had seen the first movie you would likely agree that it did not measure up. 

What made Frozen 2 good was seeing the characters again and reminiscing the old movie within the new one. I loved that Olaf had his own song “When I am Older” because it reminded me of “In Summer” in the first Frozen. Both songs show Olaf’s innocence and make a good laugh. Olaf’s character from the first movie to the second was my favorite out of all the character developments. He still kept his kind-hearted, guilt-free self, but was able to become more self aware which made him more interesting while also not losing what makes Olaf, Olaf. In the case of Anna, however, her character was kind of lost. In the first movie she was a strong and secure woman who knew what she wanted, but now she seems insecure about everything and needs to be saved a lot. She is always so unsure about her relationship with Kristoff. When they entered the enchanted forest, Kristoff said, “Under other circumstances, this would be pretty romantic,” meaning that if they weren’t in a cursed forest it would be a cute spot. Anna replies, “What, do you mean with somebody else?” She seems so much weaker and in need of reassurance. There’s a lot of other instances where she seems doubtful about their relationship. That was also the case for Kristoff. He has a whole song where he sings about being lost in their relationship (“Lost in the Woods”), but then somehow at the end of the movie they just get married after the entire time of not communicating and being unsure about each other. You also barely got to see any of Anna’s quirky side because she was always worried, serious, and scared for her sister. Her quirkiness is one of the most important parts of her character. 

When it came to the plot, it seemed very random and forced. For some reason Elsa was hearing this voice that she had never heard before in her life, and it made the elements awaken when she sang. Then it made everyone leave Arendell. In addition to that, a random river had all the answers of the past but for no reason. The sisters had to find answers about their family. The story is chaotic and you need to learn so much more back story that wasn’t in the first movie. That’s what made it feel so random.

Overall, if you want the experience of a Disney princess, Frozen 2 has it. There’s adventure, romance, comedy, danger, and Olaf. It made me want to know what was going to happen next and I laughed a lot. I think what made it best, though, was just being able to encounter all the characters again and see a new story with them in it.